Brad Mills

Hi, I'm Brad Mills from Canada - Serial Entrepreneur, Filmmaker and Fun guy.

Brad Mills is the Writer/Director/Producer who made The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger by raising $50,000 on facebook. The screenplay was written in 10 days just after graduating from Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. Siblings Brad Mills & Jacquelyn Mills shot the feature length horror comedy over 23 days in August 2008 on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

A serial entrepreneur, Brad Mills also builds successful independent iphone and facebook games through his gaming company Slightly Social which have been played by over 1 million people. Mills has mastered the art of game monetization, achieving some of the highest ARPU rates seen in the industry.  Starting in 2012, Slightly Social is focusing heavily on mobile app development, and Slightly Social has multiple iOS projects in development.

Brad Mills is also an online marketing expert who likes to help startups through consulting, advising and investing. With his marketing expertise, he has leveraged the power of Facebook to raise over $100,000 for charities & helped businesses increase their profits by as much as 100%.

Not only does Brad Mills have a passion for gaming, but he also focuses on fitness. "Ever since I started making money back in 2008, I started getting healthy. I lost 40 lbs and learned a LOT about weight loss and fitness doing P90X. I've always wondered what it's like to be fit and play sports... and it's awesome."

2012 saw the start of Nuvia Cafe, a company which Brad Mills co-founded with a partner in the United States. Nuvia Cafe is a coffee company that is focusing on creating the first Fitness Coffee, with a goal of allowing people to lose weight, stay fit and be healthy while enjoying the deliciousness of dark roast gourmet coffee. 

Brad Mills's Background

Brad Mills's Experience

Co-Founder and Head of Social & Facebook Marketing at Secret Edge

November 2011

As a social marketing expert with, I work with other marketing experts to help medium - large businesses grow their traffic and get more customers. If you are a business owner with a weak, sloppy or non-existent internet presence, we can help you. We've helped businesses increase their profits by as much as 100% and we've raised over 100k for charities through Facebook Marketing and Social Media. We specialize in Facebook Marketing & Branding, Mobile Websites & Marketing, Local Reputation Management, Lead Generation & Offline Marketing.

Business Development, Facebook Marketing and Customer Acquisition at BioNoble Research, LLC

January 2010

I automate lead generation and customer acquisition through Facebook Marketing and online media buys for BioNoble Research, LLC. BioNoble makes high quality supplements and homeopathic health products for men and women.

Head of Business Development and Monetization | Facebook & Iphone Game Producer at Slightly Social, Inc.

January 2009

We make Facebook Applications & Facebook Games, as well as Iphone Applications and Iphone Games.

Screenwriter, Film Producer and Film Director at Paranoid Brunette

January 2008

I raised $50,000 with Facebook Marketing to make The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger, a comedy horror feature film which is an audience favorite at film festivals. We have multiple projects in various stages of development, and I'd love to help you with your film project if I can.

Head of Facebook Game Monetization & User Acquisition | Facebook Marketing Consultant at HMC Pro, LLC

January 2008

Ongoing consultancy with an independent Facebook Game House where I oversee Monetization Strategies, User Retention, User Acquisition & Facebook Marketing. We have consistently had games with the highest ARPUs on Facebook. I'll gladly help you, contact me.

Startup Investor, Internet Marketing & SEO Mentor at BitCoin

June 2011 - February 2012

I invest as well as Consult on Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing & SEO Strategy for some Bitcoin Startups.

Business Development and Head of Facebook Marketing at CoinWhale

October 2010 - April 2011

Coinwhale helps Facebook Producers get more users for their Facebook Games, and make more money. I connect Facebook Game owners with paying users (whales) through marketing partnerships and joint ventures.

Social Media Marketer and Internet Marketer at Internet Marketing

2005 - 2010

Get business leads with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads plus other online and/or offline media buys. I also use Social Media Marketing to generate organic business leads.

Internet Marketing Specialist at MyWorldPlus

2006 - 2007

I generated business leads through internet marketing and media buys to show others how to make money from home with a network marketing business.

Brad Mills's Education

Humber College

2002 – 2004

Memorial High School

Brad Mills's Interests & Activities

making iphone games, making facebook games, coffee, fitness, footbag, film, writing, directing, producing, p90x, advising, investing, playing games, having fun, watching movies.